The opportunity is here!

This week I would like to reflect on a phrase from the Dalai Lama that really resonates with what I believe in, here it is:

All the world’s major religions, with their emphasis on love, compassion, patience, tolerance, and forgiveness can and do promote inner values. But the reality of the world today is that grounding ethics in religion is no longer adequate.
This is why I am increasingly convinced that the time has come to find a way of thinking about spirituality and ethics beyond religion altogether.


Many currents of thought say that the world is evolving towards a higher plane of consciousness and this shift gives us a great opportunity to find spirituality beyond religion.

Although all religions deserve respect, not a single one of them can pretend to own the whole truth of our existence.

Brought up as a Catholic, I recognize many great teachings of my religion and really value it because it has helped shape who I am, however, as I wrote in a previous post: Faith, Religion and Spirituality, our experience of God is very personal and can’t be fully dictated by a single religion.

Religion can help us enter the realm of spirituality, but in many cases it can also hinder our chances to find God, for we can become stuck with the little stuff, the things that are not important and that distract us from the essence, the truth. We should not forget that religions are human entities and therefore flawed, as history can attest to.

Plus, if we take all the major religions in the world, we can find a lot of similarities in their teachings and those similarities are usually what is really important, because that is what “unites” us all as a human family. As the Dalai Lama says: love, compassion, patience, tolerance, and forgiveness are values that we should retain. But all the other things that seem to define specific religions and distinguish them from one another are the things that give us a sense of separation and antagonism, which goes against our true essence.

In this new current of belief, for instance, spirituality and science can go hand by hand, paving the road for a new faith, also, the concept of oneness emphasizes the idea of unity, respect, love, cooperation, etc.

The world is changing at a really fast speed, and we can’t remain “stuck” we need to grow and realize that there is an incredible momentum towards a higher level of awareness, which does not dismiss all the values of our church or religion but it gives us permission to look beyond it to find an even greater connection to God.

The light that shines in everyone of us is the same and only, and if we can connect to that light we will see the entire world differently because we will realize that we are all deeply connected indeed. But in order to see this light, we need first to turn off the distractions: all the material noise of our day to day crazy race.

I find all this very exciting because it is my passion to follow this topics, of course, however, I believe that anyone, no matter what their interests are and no matter where they are spiritually speaking, can be open to this incredible opportunity to grow beyond our material existence and into a much deeper level of self.

Have a great week!


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The Skill of Detachment

Lately I have been a little busy with a new project I wish to share with you.


I have fallen in love so much with writing and sharing my passion with all of you, that I have decided to take it a step further and have started to write a book… yes, it has always been a hidden dream that was buried in the back of my mind for years. I never really thought I could do it, since I am not a formal writer. But the day has come and I have started this project.

I am not sure when I will complete my book, or where it will take me, but I am enjoying the journey and I trust the outcome will be great. I am just savoring every step as it comes.

I am sharing this with you because, as my readers, you have played a key role in my decision to get started, your support and encouragement has allowed me to believe that I can indeed do this!

But I am also telling you this because I want to reflect on the meaning of “detachment”.

For a long time, I have struggled with this word “detachment”, and the concept that it conveys.
To me the idea of being detached from anything, meant that I did not care for it, that it did not mean anything to me, and that I was emotionally disconnected from it.

In many texts I came across, this word was often used, and every time I read it I felt uncomfortable.
How can I detach from a dream?, how can I detach from a goal?, or worse: how can I detach from a person I love…? This made no sense to me.

Now however, I have come to understand the true concept behind the word detachment, as a very different notion, that which is at the core of all spiritual texts.

In fact, detachment does not mean you don’t care about a goal, a project or a person; it means you have the capacity to allow the outcome to be what it will, without fighting it, without resenting it, without judging it and without blaming anyone for it.

In this sense, detachment is a great skill, a survival skill I would add!
Since so much of our surroundings is out of our control, having the capacity to detach from an outcome or a person is a much better way to live. This does NOT mean we become cold and careless, we can still care and love as much as ever, but we are willing to accept the things that come our way, as they come, with peace.

For instance, we can have a goal, we can focus on it, we can act on it and we can trust we’ll achieve it, and all of this is great, however, we also need to understand two key facts:

  • The workings of the Universe are profound and perfect, beyond our understanding, so things may not always work the way we envisioned them, or within the time frame we had hoped for. This does not mean they will not work, in fact sometimes the outcomes are much greater than we had envisioned.
  • The journey is all that matters, the goal itself is not as important as the journey towards it. It is only by fully being in the present moment that we have a chance to achieve our goals. Accepting the present, is the only way to go! We can build upon the present as opposed to resist it. Most people however, tend to resist a present situation that they don’t like, and this only limits them.

By understanding these two points we can accept the idea of detachment as a way of letting go of the outcome, while still working towards it.

We can control our actions but we can’t control the outcome of those actions, however, if we trust that in time, things will fall into place and that it will be “the place” we need to be in, at that particular time, we are detaching ourselves from the outcome, and our journey can be a lot more pleasurable and easy.

Never stop trusting, never stop dreaming, never stop believing, but remember that the journey is way more important than the destination!

Have a great week!


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