The dangers of procrastination and passive behavior


I often hear people talk about their intentions, all the good things they would like to do, the services they would like to offer others, the amazing things they would like to build in their lives, etc. But… how often do they take concrete actions that reflect those intentions…?

I find that many people get stuck in the “intention phase” and never get pass that… Especially people who are passive or tend to procrastinate, they will fill their heads with all the great intentions they have and they would even manage to convince others around them, but… never follow through with them.

Unfortunately all your good intentions are totally worthless unless you take actions that reflect them.

There is no mystery, if you want to live your life fully, you cannot procrastinate on it, you cannot wait for things to happen to you, you cannot take a passive stand on your existence.

You have the chance to live by “design” as opposed to by “default,”¬† but it is ultimately up to you to take that chance, sadly, a lot of people decide not to.

If you want to live by design, to be the architect of your own life, to co-create with the Universe and all the other forces that are greater than you, you need to take action!

There is always a better time and space for an action, and sometimes it is wise to wait for the right time, but you cannot spend your life waiting, in fact, it is best to take action even if you fail, than to have never tried.

A total lack of action could be considered an act in and of itself, because there are clear consequences from it, but when you choose not to act, you are simply waiting for things to happen to you, and if you don’t like those things, you will always feel like a victim and blame others for what happens to you.

When you decide to act, you are creating momentum, you are moving forward, you are taking responsibility, so even if you fail in the action, you will not feel like a victim, you will not blame others; you will know that you tried and that knowledge will give you peace and strength to continue to move forward, to learn from your mistakes, and to try something else.

Sometimes, a lack of action is nothing but an inability to face one’s fears: fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of loss, fear of change, etc.

Some people when faced with a problem for instance, decide to ignore it because they are scared of it, they don’t think they can solve it, so they simply pretend the problem isn’t there, or wait and hope for it to go away.

People manage to ignore problems by staying constantly distracted, taking their mind to a different place and numbing their feelings out, they use distractions such as: overworking, partying all the time, overeating, using and abusing alcohol, sex, and TV, etc.

But the truth is, they are only fooling themselves, by ignoring a problem it only grows bigger.

But, let alone problems and fears, some people still manage to procrastinate and not act even if fear isn’t involved, they somehow take the conscious or subconscious decision to sit and wait around. Some people fill their mouths with good intentions but when the opportunity to act on them comes along, they shy away from it.

In order to live fully, it is important to make decisions, no matter how hard they are, it is important to take risks, no matter if you fail, it is important to face your fears, even if it hurts, it is important to embrace the opportunities even if they are the wrong ones. It is important to act.

If you have the tendency to procrastinate or take a passive stand in life, think twice… this may be robbing you from having richer experiences and richer relationships.

And, if you have good intentions, especially towards others, make sure you act accordingly, make sure that your intentions become actions, make sure that when the opportunity to act comes along, you take it!



Essence vs. Form

Once again, one of my dear friends has contributed to my inspiration today by sending me a small paragraph about manifesting. Thanks my dear!


I have written a few posts about manifesting before (you can access them below under “related posts”,) but it is definitely an extensive subject, so today I would like to add yet another incredibly powerful tool that we can use to attain a happier life, maybe the most important tool of all.

The Law of Attraction and the idea of Manifesting the life you want, are concepts that have been around for a long time, but they became more widespread and popular after the movie and the book “The Secret” came out. Many people, however, became disenchanted after awhile, when they realized that no matter how hard they tried to use all the tools and exercises given in the book and movie, they could not really manifest what they wanted.

There are many things involved in manifesting the life we want, but ultimately, we need to reflect on the meaning of an “ideal life” what is it exactly?

Each of us has a different set of ideas, beliefs, goals, objectives, etc. We may have a clear picture of what our “ideal life” will look like or, we may not have a clear picture, in any case, we all have ideas of the things and outcomes we want to obtain and achieve in life.

The problem is, we can’t really know what our ideal life is, until we understand what our true essence is.

People desire different things in life, and they give them specific forms, like a big house, a specific job, having children, getting married, travel the world, having a skinny body, a new car, etc. The list is endless.

Most of us get stuck with these “forms” and forget about the true “essence” of our yearning, and that makes the whole difference when it comes to manifesting.

Unlike the form, the essence of what we all want is much simpler, and it is pretty much the same for all of us.

Most of us will agree that we want: true love, happiness, peace, success, true connection, comfort, freedom, etc. But we mistakenly think that these can only show up in one specific form (the big house, the marriage, the job, etc.)

By attaching ourselves to specific forms, we limit our options.
Instead, if we are able to connect to the essence of our yearning (that is the qualities that we want to experience in life) we will eventually bring to our lives what we really need and want.

Once we define the qualities/essence we want to experience in our lives, we need to cultivate them everyday. We need to become that essence: bring those qualities into our everyday actions and decisions; and as we do that, we will start to see those qualities all around us.

Then, that essence will take whatever form it needs to take, and when it does, we will have the clarity to recognize it and take action toward making things happen, and THAT is true manifesting, beyond our dreams.

The Law of Attraction states that you need to have clarity about what you want, and it is OK to have clear ideas of the things or outcomes we are after, however, it is even more important to detach from those forms. I know this may sound counter intuitive, but it is not, as long as we stick to the essence and are flexible about the forms, we are following the law. We may receive exactly what we need but maybe not exactly in the shape we had envisioned. If we can open up to that possibility, then we have a much better chance to live the best life there is for us.

This also reminded me of a phrase I heard many times growing up: “God writes straight with crooked lines,” to me this means that our path may not take us where we think we should go, it may not reveal to us the shapes we expect to see, but it will take us where we need to go and reveal the shapes that are best for us. It is only when we resist this natural life flow, by stubbornly attaching to specific forms, that not only we suffer but we fail to see what is best for us.

I truly believe we all have a purpose in life, and if we find it and embody it, we will, no doubt have our own ideal life, but in order to find it, we need to connect to our essence, and let go of the many forms we are attached to. In other words, we need to become what we want to experience, and then we will bring that experience to us in many different forms, so the essence comes first and the form follows.

Remember, if you are set on the forms you may miss the essence all together and you will get tired, frustrated and exhausted by trying to always achieve or obtain something, and still feel empty regardless of how successful you are in achieving it.

I encourage you today to reflect on those qualities you really want to experience, and on the many ways you can start to apply those qualities in your life and with those around you. Start today!

Have a good week!

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