Moving into the 4th dimension… Is this the evolutionary leap? (Part II)

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So, as promised, here is the second part of my post started last week. Before you read any further, if you did not read last week’s post, I recommend you do it first. Read last week’s post


Ok, so lets move on to the exciting realm of the 4th dimension!

The 4th dimension (in the context of this post, that is) is a stage of higher awareness (or consciousness) that many human beings are already experiencing, to various degrees. Many more are having the opportunity to realize its presence, which is the first step towards experiencing it.

I once heard an interesting phrase: “The human journey is one that will take us from Animal stage to God stage” in other words from unconsciousness to pure consciousness, and it seems like we are getting closer to the latter.

Consciousness can also be called: The Universe, The Source, The Life Force, All that Is, even God. However, the name we give it is not really important, because no word can really describe it, but since we communicate through language, we need to name it somehow.

What I mean by consciousness is basically the experience of our true essence and reality. Note that I use the word experience, as opposed to knowledge, because consciousness is not a concept that could be grasped by our intellect, our thinking mind, or our rationale; it can ONLY be experienced.

Now that we are clear about what I mean by Consciousness, we can say that at a higher dimension of consciousness, we will start to experience certain things, that are qualities of that dimension. This said, everybody is on his/her own journey, so the intensity to which we may experience it is unique to every individual.

At this point in our world, the 3rd and 4th dimensions are overlapping, so we are all at a different point in this transition. However, we are all being influenced by cosmic energies that are speeding up the shift and stimulating our perceptions, so there is now a greater chance to move forward towards the 4th dimension faster, but sadly, not everybody is ready nor willing to do it. So, what are the qualities of the 4th dimension?

Qualities of the 4th Dimension:

  1. Time disappears, there is no more past and future, there is only the NOW
    This means that we let go of the illusion of psychological time and we enter eternity as: the ETERNAL NOW, which is all that really exists. Although we may still use time as a frame of reference for practical purposes, and to navigate our physical existence, we will drop all emotional charges from the past and all fearful projections into the future. Past and future will no longer have any bearing on our decisions and actions, we will therefore be free to act on what is real and true.If you would like to read more about this concept, I highly recommend Eckart Tolle’s book: The Power of Now, which explains this in great detail.
  2. We move into Introspection
    People are forced to look inside themselves to find the causes or their suffering, they will realize that the answers can only come from the inside and not the outside. This is a journey into our inner beings, our souls, our deepest essence and it will allow us to see what we are really made of. At the same time, it will highly decrease negative feelings/emotions toward the outside world, such as blame, anger, fear, guilt, etc.
  3. We move towards Oneness and Co-creation
    We feel true Oneness with all that exists, our sense of duality fades and that gives us enormous power to co-create. We are more able to feel compassion and to always work in cooperation with others, as opposed to in competition. We have the true realization that everybody is connected as one, so we act on what is best for all.
  4. We have Choice, we are Free!
    We realize that we have control over our thoughts, our emotions and our fears, so we are not slaves to them anymore. We move from reaction to response, which gives us great peace and freedom. We start living by design and not by default.
  5. We attune more to the Light and less to the Darkness
    We will become more sensitive to negative energies, and we will avoid them instinctively, for instance, we will have less tolerance for violent movies or images, we will be less willing to engage in negative conversations, etc. we will gear more towards clean and positive energies and people.

So as you can see, all the qualities of the 4th dimension are rather positive, there is nothing to be afraid of, on the counter, there is so much to look forward to! However, this is only if we are able to LET GO of negative patterns that are keeping us bound to the 3rd dimension, and sometimes letting go can be scary. So, this ends my post on the 4th Dimension and the Evolutionary Leap.

Have a great week!

The Myth of a “Better Half”

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Lately I was reflecting on the expression “Better Half.” This expression exists also in Spanish as “Media Naranja” (half orange), and I am sure we can find its equivalent in many other languages.


The use of the word half, implies that another person can make us whole, somehow complete us. Although the expression and the idea it conveys sound very romantic and appealing, it can also be very misleading.

Even though it is undeniable that for the purposes of reproduction a man and a woman are needed, and in that way they complete each other, this is only true on the physical level. At the level of the soul however, we are already whole, regardless of our gender or our marital status, and it isn’t until we realize our own wholeness that we can successfully engage in a truly fulfilling relationship.

When we realize that we are whole and perfect at a soul level, our physical existence greatly benefits from it, as we let go of beliefs that don’t serve us and allow our relationships to flow with more ease and less drama.

By believing (either consciously or unconsciously) that we need someone else to make us feel happy and be whole, we are undermining our potential to find fulfillment and we are putting too many expectations on an external circumstance: finding a life partner; and if we DO find a partner, we are putting too much pressure on them to be our half!

When I was younger, my dad often told me that only those who can be alone deserve to have company. This always seemed weird to me, but in fact, now that I think of it, only when we feel whole and don’t need someone else to “make us happy” we can bring the best to a relationship and make it work.

Note that when people are “in love” they will often say that their partner “makes them happy,” but a few years down the road they may complain that the same partner “makes them unhappy.” In fact, the truth is, no matter how good or bad our relationship is, nobody can make us happy or unhappy, that is our job. Nobody else can ever be held responsible for our own happiness or misery.

We often expect our partners to meet our needs, and this creates a lot of tension in a relationship, because we are putting too much pressure on someone else, hoping that they will be and act the way we need them to. The key to a healthy relationship is in realizing that we are whole, that we do not need anybody to make us happy. Once we realize that, we will totally let go of the pressures we put on others, and that will improve our relationships dramatically, since our partners will feel liberated, relieved and free to be themselves. Isn’t true love about loving someone, just as they are?

That said, not every relationship is meant to work out, or it can work only for part of our life and that is OK, as we change and evolve, we may feel the relationship is not exactly the best for both parties, and it is better to move on than to stay in a partnership that is not working.

It is important to raise our kids with this knowledge, so that they don’t grow up expecting that only when, and if, they find their “better half” they will be happy, we need to teach them that happiness arises from within and the better we feel with ourselves and the less we depend on external circumstances to feel whole, the more chances we will have at finding and keeping fulfilling relationships in general.

Some of the happier people I know are single, but I also know single people that feel totally miserable because of it. It all comes down to our beliefs and expectations and to the extent of which we feel good within ourselves.

People who live in individualistic societies and with a high level of technical sophistication tend to cling even more desperately to the idea of finding a better half and starting a family, because if not, they can see their lives evolve in total loneliness. Deep and meaningful relationships of all types are harder to build and to keep in these type of societies, so it is quite normal for people to feel lonely, but if we are aware of this we can make personal choices to build lasting and stronger relationships around us.

The key to never feeling lonely is first finding our own wholeness, and from there building strong relationships, first with our family, then with our friends, and later with our communities. Remember that everything starts at home, by this I mean, children model the relationships they see in their home, how their parents relate to one another, to their own parents and siblings, to their friends, etc.

Coming back to the language aspect, a much better expression to me is that of a “soul mate” which does not only refer to a love/sex partner but to anybody that we feel a soul connection with. We can have many soul mates in a lifetime and they can be life partners, friends, family members, etc. It is important to cherish these connections.

Ultimately we are all connected to one another, what makes us feel closer to some people more than others is the intensity with which both parties feel that invisible bond. Let’s not forget that we are spiritual beings living a physical experience and not the opposite, and that means we are all connected to the same source.

First and foremost believe in YOU, not your ego, your real you, because beneath your material body lives the essence of your existence which is whole and perfect already. If you wish to read more on these, check this out: Ego vs. Self

Sharing our life with someone is ultimately a conscious choice, it is not because the other person makes us whole but rather because they bring the best out of us and vice versa, we can both flourish in each other company, but never forget that we can flourish just as much as a single person in the company of our fellow human beings in all different shapes and forms of relationships.

Have a great week!

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Our Plans vs. Our Destiny

One of my favorite authors, while describing an unexpected encounter that drove her to start an organization that she had never dreamed of, she said this phrase: “It was not part of my plans but it was definitely part of my destiny.”


I do not believe that our destiny is written, in fact, I strongly believe that we have the freedom to direct our lives and we are not tied to a set fate. However, it is undeniable that many things just happen, whether we like it or not, and we can’t really avoid nor escape this truth.

Many of you have probably heard the expression: “God writes straight with crooked lines.” Regardless of whether you are a person of faith or not, this phrase states that sometimes we can’t possibly make sense of things and the way they happen, but in the end it all makes sense, and if we are lucky we will see it.

Lets say that making plans and having goals is good, in fact it is healthy, but becoming attached to them or inflexible about them is a great mistake.

What happens is, along the road of life things are constantly changing and we have no way to predict everything, we have no control over a lot of factors. We are deeply interconnected with everything and everybody around us, so there are way too many variables that can and most likely will influence our plans. But if we keep an open mind and an open heart and welcome changes as they come, if we remain always flexible, the chances are we will turn many unexpected events into wonderful opportunities to fulfill our goals, our true goals (there is a distinction there!).

What I mean by true goals, are those goals that bring a sense of purpose to our lives, those goals that are really important for us (and they may differ from those goals WE think are important for us). For instance, you may be set on getting a specific job that you believe is the best for you, but in reality there are many things about it that you are not aware of, so if you don’t get it, it may be for the best.

So where is the real freedom of creating your life?

It would be unreal to pretend we are in control of everything, but to a certain extent we are! at a different level than we may think. We always have a choice on the way we perceive what happens and on the actions we take as a consequence of it. This to me is freedom.

You can have plans and follow your goals and take actions towards what you want, but then, life may take you in different directions and it is up to you to seize the moment and take your destiny in your own hands by looking at the new opportunities, exploring the doors that may be opening for you; or you may stubbornly resist change and get stuck in your old plans and expectations, and THAT is when you really become a prisoner.

I personally believe in a greater intelligence that guides our lives, but does only that: guides our lives, and it may do so by taking us in different directions, it is up to us to understand how to make the best of this guidance and bring about the best in our lives. We have a choice in every situation and that choice will determine how the given situation will affect us, so no matter what it is, we always have a choice and that means we have freedom to create our lives.

Even little decisions or actions that we take every day can change our lives, but we are not always aware of them because we often function on autopilot and may easily miss signs that might suggest we are about to make a move that will impact our lives.

If you have never seen the movie sliding doors, I recommend you watch it, it is a very interesting story that shows one woman and two possible outcomes, one simple instant of her life will determine whether she will go one path or another, and the movie shows both paths in parallel to see how different her life can be based in one tiny small decision she makes unconsciously.

Sometimes we know we are faced with clear choices and we have to make a decision, but other times we don’t even know we have a choice, we don’t see it. By being more open to change, more flexible and less attached to our goals, we can also be more present in the moment and more able to see the signs that can guide us to make the best decisions for our life, no matter how small they may seem.

So, there is our plan and there is a destiny, but the way I see the destiny is not as a written fate we can’t avoid, but rather an intelligent guidance that will direct us towards better outcomes, only if we are capable to perceive it and make the right decisions about it.

The capacity to perceive this guidance comes with finding our inner voice, disconnecting from the outside noise, quieting our minds, etc. and all those important skills that take practice, but are accessible to every single one of us.

Have a great week!


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Ego vs. Self

This week I would like to talk about the distinction between the ego and the self.

For a long time I had been confused about the distinction between the two, and it wasn’t until a few years back that I started to grasp the difference and understood the importance of being aware of it.


I personally associated the word “ego” with a sense of pride, which to me had a negative connotation. However, I later discovered that our ego simply means our sense of self-esteem or self-importance and our notion of personal identity. So, there is nothing wrong with our ego, it is normal and natural to have it.

However, it is truly important to realize where our ego comes from, that is, where our sense of worth and identity comes from, because more often than not, it comes from the wrong places, wrong concepts and, wrong beliefs.

As I delved more and more into spiritual, self growth and well being texts, I started to comprehend why there was a clear distinction made between the ego and the self and how important it was to understand it fully.

Most of us associate our personal identity and sense of worth to things such as:

  • Our bodies, our looks
  • Our culture, nationality, race, religion or even political views
  • Our profession, our career, our success or failure
  • Our thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • Our role in the community, etc

For instance, if we believe we ARE our body and looks (depending on our beliefs about them) we can identify with being beautiful, ugly, overweight, skinny, etc. and that can be the one aspect that rules most of our self worth.

Regardless of whether we are happy or unhappy with the particular body we have, we can not and should not derive our sense of worth from it, because we are NOT our bodies and looks.

We can also derive our sense of identity from our culture(s), our our nationality or even our race. We can also identify so deeply with a religion or political view that we come to believe we ARE them, but although we can participate or be a member of a religion or party, our identity is not derived from their doctrine.

If we believe we ARE our profession, career, success, failure, etc. It means we see ourselves as being a “lawyer” or a “Doctor” or a “Secretary” and we let that define us. Or, in terms of success and failure, we can see ourselves as being rich or poor, successful or unsuccessful, etc. Either way, none of these things really define who we are.

As for our thoughts, feelings and emotions, if we believe we ARE what we think or feel; it means we judge ourselves by the way we see the world, we can be anything: arrogant, weak, intelligent, sad, etc. But again, we are NOT our thoughts, nor our emotions and feelings.

We can also be defined as the role we have in the community, for instance, we can be the daughter or son of such and such, or the wife of so and so, or the mother of so and so, etc. Again, our particular role in a community is not who we are.

So, who are we? you may ask, and it is a good question. I have asked myself this question many times.
Well, that is when the distinction between ego and self comes in handy, to explain this conundrum.

The ego is our sense of identity through the things mentioned above, but deep inside us there is a real, true and unchanging identity that is our essence, our core and our only identity, and that is the “self.” the self is basically us but after we peel off all the layers of the ego, once none of the ego-defining aspects are there, or we go beyond them to find our true nature. The self is simply the presence inside each and every one of us.

To explain this a little better, have you ever had the experience that you are just witnessing your thoughts? That there is one that thinks and deep inside one that just observes without judgment?

This is a truly life-changing experience, at least it was for me, because I realized then that the “observer” was my true self, buried deep beneath all the other layers, which is why it took me so long to find it.

There are very nice analogies that are often used to explain this, my favorite is that of a wheel, in which the outer edges are the ego-defining aspects of ourselves, always changing and moving, while the axle in the center is our true self: stable, strong, grounded, unchangeable, etc.

The problem is, our sense of identity gravitates often on the edges of the wheel, so we are constantly being thrown out of balance and have a sense of instability, uncertainty, unsettlement and confusion. If we are able to find out center, however, we also find our balance, our inner peace, in other words our true self and we can live life from a much more real and satisfying place, while still filling the roles we need to fill during our lifetime.

There are many ways of finding our true self, but perhaps the most important is by quieting the “noise” of the outer world and the “chatter” of our thoughts. Only then we can stop and wait for our self to emerge, and I promise, it will!!

If you want to read more about this, I highly recommend the work of Eckart Tolle, I find his way of explaining these complicated concepts to be incredibly compelling. You can start with The Power of Now, it is a clear and concise book that will change the way you see life.
By the way, he will be in DC this week, so if you are interested in seeing him live, check the announcement below!

All your current notions of self worth, whether they are working or not for you, they are not real, in reality you are much greater, much stronger, much wiser that you can possible imagine!

Have a great week!


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Stop the judgments

This week I have been thinking about how quickly we tend to judge others, either by their behavior or their looks.
It is interesting to reflect on the different, sometimes masked, ways of judgment that we engage in.

The definition of judging is: “forming an opinion about something or someone”. Although, we are certainly entitled to have opinions, we need to be careful when forming them about other human beings.


Some of the common ways we judge others are:

  • When we label them (as bright or dumb, pretty or ugly, winner or looser, etc.)
  • When we want to prove them wrong
  • When they disappoint us, because we expect them to be or do what we believe is correct, right, fair, etc.
  • When we take things personally (we believe others want to hurt us or harm us)
  • When we try to change others to fit our needs and expectations

The list could go on and on, we are often judging others whether we realize it or not.
The other day I came across a phrase that I really liked:

In order to understand someone, you need to walk a mile in their shoes

This is so true!! We often believe we know someone, and therefore judge them or expect them to be a certain way, and this is true especially with the people closest to us: our parents, our spouses, our kids; but it is also true with co-workers, public figures or any other person that crosses our path for that matter.

The truth is, we cannot possibly pretend to know someone else so well as to judge them. It is even hard to know ourselves fully, let alone others.

As my grandma used to say: “we see faces, we don’t know their hearts” So, we should be extra cautious when we judge people, especially if our judgment towards them is negative.

Human beings are such a complex mix of genetics, beliefs, circumstances, environment, etc. that we can’t even begin to comprehend why some people are a certain way or do certain things, and it is not our job to judge them. If we do judge, as it is sometimes inevitable, we should judge people’s situations rather than judging the people themselves.

We can also start by practicing kindness and compassion towards others, we should accept others as they are and refrain from judging them, true acceptance is an act of kindness in and of itself. We can also practice compassion by trying to understand the reasons behind people’s acting, if we find it to be wrong.

Whenever possible, practice kindness; and remember, it is always possible.” –  Dalai Lama

Also, the less we judge others and the more we accept them, the less resistance we put into our own life and the easier it flows. It is not always easy, but it is liberating and rewarding, plus, we can find great inner peace by refraining from judgment.

As a mother of two, sometimes I forget that my kids, even though they are still young, they are each a unique individual with already a personality and an essence of their own that I need to respect and cherish. It is easy for a parent to get caught in the frustrations of parenting and judge their kids or make them wrong because they don’t act the way we would like them to, or they are not who we expect them to be…

So lets make an effort to stop the judgments in all their forms and start practicing kindness and compassion towards others!

Have a great week!


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The opportunity is here!

This week I would like to reflect on a phrase from the Dalai Lama that really resonates with what I believe in, here it is:

All the world’s major religions, with their emphasis on love, compassion, patience, tolerance, and forgiveness can and do promote inner values. But the reality of the world today is that grounding ethics in religion is no longer adequate.
This is why I am increasingly convinced that the time has come to find a way of thinking about spirituality and ethics beyond religion altogether.


Many currents of thought say that the world is evolving towards a higher plane of consciousness and this shift gives us a great opportunity to find spirituality beyond religion.

Although all religions deserve respect, not a single one of them can pretend to own the whole truth of our existence.

Brought up as a Catholic, I recognize many great teachings of my religion and really value it because it has helped shape who I am, however, as I wrote in a previous post: Faith, Religion and Spirituality, our experience of God is very personal and can’t be fully dictated by a single religion.

Religion can help us enter the realm of spirituality, but in many cases it can also hinder our chances to find God, for we can become stuck with the little stuff, the things that are not important and that distract us from the essence, the truth. We should not forget that religions are human entities and therefore flawed, as history can attest to.

Plus, if we take all the major religions in the world, we can find a lot of similarities in their teachings and those similarities are usually what is really important, because that is what “unites” us all as a human family. As the Dalai Lama says: love, compassion, patience, tolerance, and forgiveness are values that we should retain. But all the other things that seem to define specific religions and distinguish them from one another are the things that give us a sense of separation and antagonism, which goes against our true essence.

In this new current of belief, for instance, spirituality and science can go hand by hand, paving the road for a new faith, also, the concept of oneness emphasizes the idea of unity, respect, love, cooperation, etc.

The world is changing at a really fast speed, and we can’t remain “stuck” we need to grow and realize that there is an incredible momentum towards a higher level of awareness, which does not dismiss all the values of our church or religion but it gives us permission to look beyond it to find an even greater connection to God.

The light that shines in everyone of us is the same and only, and if we can connect to that light we will see the entire world differently because we will realize that we are all deeply connected indeed. But in order to see this light, we need first to turn off the distractions: all the material noise of our day to day crazy race.

I find all this very exciting because it is my passion to follow this topics, of course, however, I believe that anyone, no matter what their interests are and no matter where they are spiritually speaking, can be open to this incredible opportunity to grow beyond our material existence and into a much deeper level of self.

Have a great week!


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Observing your Mind

For all my US readers, I hope you had a nice Labor Day Holiday!

This week I want to reflect on the tricks our mind plays on us and how our awareness can limit the negative effect they have on us.


I have often read, heard, and written about the mind and how it works; but there are very few instances in which I have experienced first hand the separation between my mind and “me” and have noticed that I was being tricked by it. Last week I had one of those clear instances and it was really empowering, that is what inspired this post.

Our mind plays tricks on us and as long as we identify with it we are caught on its tricks, it isn’t until we can distance ourselves from our mind and realize it is not “who we are”, that the tricks loose power and our real self emerges and becomes stronger.

Our thoughts and our beliefs (that happen in our mind), as well as our emotions (that are the consequences of those thoughts and beliefs), are closely connected to one another, but none of them are a true reflection of who we are. The problem is most people get their sense of identity from them, which in turn, hinders their ability to find their true self, their true identity!

So, last week was the first week of school for my children. Although this is their second year in school, to my dismay, their first day back was quite hard, especially for my son, who did not want to go back and was really upset about it. As we got in the classroom, the teacher took him a little too briskly from my arms and walked away holding him, as he was screaming, crying and begging me not to go. It was excruciatingly painful for me (I am sure many moms can relate to the feeling).

As I was driving back home, quite upset still, my mind kept replaying the moment when she took him from me and he started yelling in her arms and reaching out for me, as I kept playing that memory in my head I was feeling more and more upset about it and angry at the teacher and guilty at letting her do that. I could see how my upset escalated as I replayed the incident again and again in my mind.

Then, suddenly I realized it, my mind was tricking me! I somehow was able to separate myself from the thought and notice that it was my mind that was inflicting pain on myself and not the incident itself. The unpleasant moment had lasted maybe one minute, his crying probably 5 – 7 minutes at the most, yet, by replaying that moment in my mind, I was making my upset last and last and last…

Right as I realized the pattern, I stopped my mind, I moved out of that thought and suddenly the pain subsided, it disappeared and I was at peace again. Just by noticing the workings of my mind I was able to ease the pain almost instantaneously.

I then remembered an old Buddhist story that I like very much and that illustrates this point:

Two Buddhist Monks were on a journey and they came to a deep river that they had to cross; at the bank of the river was a woman that asked them for help as she could not cross alone.

As monks, they weren’t allowed to touch a woman, however, the older monk carried the woman in his back and helped her cross the river.

The two monks continued their journey in silence, but the younger monk was upset and uncomfortable. Finally, at the end of their trip, the older monk asked the younger one why he was so upset and the younger one expressed his disapproval at his companion for breaking the rules and carrying the woman on his back; to which the older monk replied: “Brother, I carried her for just a few minutes, why are you still carrying her?

Aside from illustrating my point on how our mind can make a short lived event into a long lasting accumulation of pain, un comfort, anger, guilt, etc. Another important lesson about this story is that when we judge others, we often wind up carrying their doings on our backs for as long as we hold any particular judgment and attach to it.

Your mind has a life of its own, but if you become the observer of your mind and are able to separate from it, you will benefit tremendously and find inner peace in every moment, because you are not your mind, you are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions, you are much deeper than that, you are the stillness underneath all the turmoil.

Have a great week!


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