Gratefulness as a daily practice

As we have just celebrated Thanksgiving in the US, I thought it appropriate to write about gratitude today.


We have all heard the common expression: Is the glass half empty or half full? which is used rhetorically for any given situation. Our answer to this question reflects our outlook on life, we either see what we have (the half-full glass) or what we lack (the half-empty glass), and… we always have the choice.

Every day is an opportunity to see “the glass” half empty or half full. Every day and in every situation we get to decide what we want to focus on. By focusing on what we have as opposed to what we lack, we are practicing gratefulness, it is as simple as that!

By opening our eyes to the things we do have, even in times of crisis, we are hanging onto what is good in our life, and that will help us see through the hard times more effectively and find the resources we need to solve problems and overcome difficulties more easily. This does not mean being in denial, not at all! we can be aware of the struggles, we can honor our emotions, we may need an outlet for tears and grief, and all that is normal and is totally OK; but we can still practice gratefulness in the midst of it all, by acknowledging the good things that we have (however few they may be).

Making gratefulness into a daily practice is very important, and we can do so by establishing a daily ritual so in time it will become second nature. A good time to do this is every morning when you wake up or every night before bed, it only takes a few minutes at most!

You can simply acknowledge all the good things you have (or have experienced), or if you prefer you can give thanks to God, the Universe, etc. I usually write a list of things I am grateful for or simply say them our loud.

Some days it may be harder to find things to be grateful for, when everything seems dark and hopeless (we all have those days), but there is always something! For instance: I may give thanks for my eyes, that allow me to see, for the big smiles my kids greet me with, for my parents’ unconditional support, etc. We can ALWAYS find something, always!

We can also be thankful for the small things that happen in our days, for instance: spending a couple hours with a good friend, or sharing a good meal with a loved one, or the smile we got from a stranger… every day gives us an opportunity to find something good, but we need to be aware of it! People often take those things for granted, and focus only on what they lack or what is not working in their lives, so they diminish importance to the, sometimes small, gifts that are around them all the time. They don’t even see them!

Once you become aware of the importance of simple gestures and actions, you also become more willing to offer them to others. When I realize that a smile can make me grateful, I chose to smile more, because that might make other people feel grateful, so gratefulness is also a way to expand your own heart and to give off good vibes around you. Gratefulness is a beautiful thing! Its effect in our life is much greater than we can imagine.

According to the law of attraction, we attract what we focus on, so if we focus on the good things, we will attract more good things, and if we focus on what we lack we will attract more lack… the law really works. If we think of it, it makes total sense, we are made up of energy, so the energy waves that we emit are like magnets that attract the same type of energy, if we vibrate at the frequency of abundance (focusing on what we have) we will see more abundance in our lives, and vice-versa.

Being grateful is very important especially in times of crisis, as it helps us remember that there is always something that is good, something that is working in our lives. This will help us navigate the difficult times much better by keeping us connected to the good things, so we don’t sink into total despair or hopeless mode.

As long as this practice is part of your daily life, you can tap into it whenever you need some comfort and relief.

I would like to share an excerpt I found in the Magazine Psychology Today.

The Benefits of Gratitude

Gratitude is an emotion expressing appreciation for what one has—as opposed to, say, a consumer-oriented emphasis on what one wants or needs—and is currently receiving a great deal of attention as a facet of positive psychology. Gratitude is what gets poured into the glass to make it half full. Studies show that gratitude not only can be deliberately cultivated but can increase levels of well-being and happiness among those who do cultivate it. In addition, grateful thinking—and especially expression of it to others—is associated with increased levels of energy, optimism, and empathy.

So I encourage you today to start a daily practice of gratefulness, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes and you will see how it magically brings more and more blessings into your life. You don’t need to wait till next Thanksgiving!!

Here is a video that may inspire you to be grateful every day!

Have a good week!

Essence vs. Form

Once again, one of my dear friends has contributed to my inspiration today by sending me a small paragraph about manifesting. Thanks my dear!


I have written a few posts about manifesting before (you can access them below under “related posts”,) but it is definitely an extensive subject, so today I would like to add yet another incredibly powerful tool that we can use to attain a happier life, maybe the most important tool of all.

The Law of Attraction and the idea of Manifesting the life you want, are concepts that have been around for a long time, but they became more widespread and popular after the movie and the book “The Secret” came out. Many people, however, became disenchanted after awhile, when they realized that no matter how hard they tried to use all the tools and exercises given in the book and movie, they could not really manifest what they wanted.

There are many things involved in manifesting the life we want, but ultimately, we need to reflect on the meaning of an “ideal life” what is it exactly?

Each of us has a different set of ideas, beliefs, goals, objectives, etc. We may have a clear picture of what our “ideal life” will look like or, we may not have a clear picture, in any case, we all have ideas of the things and outcomes we want to obtain and achieve in life.

The problem is, we can’t really know what our ideal life is, until we understand what our true essence is.

People desire different things in life, and they give them specific forms, like a big house, a specific job, having children, getting married, travel the world, having a skinny body, a new car, etc. The list is endless.

Most of us get stuck with these “forms” and forget about the true “essence” of our yearning, and that makes the whole difference when it comes to manifesting.

Unlike the form, the essence of what we all want is much simpler, and it is pretty much the same for all of us.

Most of us will agree that we want: true love, happiness, peace, success, true connection, comfort, freedom, etc. But we mistakenly think that these can only show up in one specific form (the big house, the marriage, the job, etc.)

By attaching ourselves to specific forms, we limit our options.
Instead, if we are able to connect to the essence of our yearning (that is the qualities that we want to experience in life) we will eventually bring to our lives what we really need and want.

Once we define the qualities/essence we want to experience in our lives, we need to cultivate them everyday. We need to become that essence: bring those qualities into our everyday actions and decisions; and as we do that, we will start to see those qualities all around us.

Then, that essence will take whatever form it needs to take, and when it does, we will have the clarity to recognize it and take action toward making things happen, and THAT is true manifesting, beyond our dreams.

The Law of Attraction states that you need to have clarity about what you want, and it is OK to have clear ideas of the things or outcomes we are after, however, it is even more important to detach from those forms. I know this may sound counter intuitive, but it is not, as long as we stick to the essence and are flexible about the forms, we are following the law. We may receive exactly what we need but maybe not exactly in the shape we had envisioned. If we can open up to that possibility, then we have a much better chance to live the best life there is for us.

This also reminded me of a phrase I heard many times growing up: “God writes straight with crooked lines,” to me this means that our path may not take us where we think we should go, it may not reveal to us the shapes we expect to see, but it will take us where we need to go and reveal the shapes that are best for us. It is only when we resist this natural life flow, by stubbornly attaching to specific forms, that not only we suffer but we fail to see what is best for us.

I truly believe we all have a purpose in life, and if we find it and embody it, we will, no doubt have our own ideal life, but in order to find it, we need to connect to our essence, and let go of the many forms we are attached to. In other words, we need to become what we want to experience, and then we will bring that experience to us in many different forms, so the essence comes first and the form follows.

Remember, if you are set on the forms you may miss the essence all together and you will get tired, frustrated and exhausted by trying to always achieve or obtain something, and still feel empty regardless of how successful you are in achieving it.

I encourage you today to reflect on those qualities you really want to experience, and on the many ways you can start to apply those qualities in your life and with those around you. Start today!

Have a good week!

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Everyday Miracles

I just finished the 21-day Meditation Challenge from the Chopra Center and this particular one was called: Miraculous Relationships, so it got me thinking about the true meaning of “miracles.”


According to the dictionary a miracle is something attributed to a supernatural, or so called “divine” agency, and it often refers to something good.

To me, life itself falls into the category of a miracle. I truly believe we all come from a divine and supernatural source. From that belief, it is easier to see the many little miracles that surround us every single day. In my life I can think of many: the beautiful smile of my children when they see me, the songs of the birds in the trees when I walk by, the warmth of the sun on my skin, etc.

We don’t need to go too far to find divinity in our life, we just need to look, to really look around us and see that every step in our human journey gives us an opportunity to find a miracle, but for that we have to make an important choice. As Deepak Chopra says, we always have a choice between a miracle and a grievance.

This excerpt from A Course in Miracles illustrates this point nicely:

“Perhaps it is not yet quite clear to you that each decision that you make is one between a grievance and a miracle. Each grievance stands like a dark shield of hate before the miracle it would conceal. And as you raise it up before your eyes, you will not see the miracle beyond. Yet all the while it waits for you in light, but you behold your grievances instead.” ACIM

Every experience we have, good or bad, yields a valuable lesson, or like one of my favorite teachers says a blesson (fusion between a lesson and a blessing). To me, seeing that blesson is a miracle. Also, If we believe in synchronicity and the fact that there are no coincidences in our lives, we can see miracles happening all the time.

One of my favorite authors: Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross devoted her life to studying the terminally ill and wrote more than 20 books on death and related subjects. In one of her later books she talked about Spirit Guides, Channeling, and other subjects that were not very well received by skeptics, however, she wrote something that stayed with me: “Only those who are ready can really see.”

If we look at the actual miracles in religion traditions, such as: Apparitions, Angel Encounters, Weeping and Bleeding Icons, the Healing Power of Prayer, etc. an other unexplainable events, one can argue that those who see the miracles do so because their faith is so strong that they believe they see. However, we can also say that only those who believe can really see and experience the miracles.
It becomes a Chicken and Egg situation, what comes first: the seeing or the believing?

I think that our beliefs definitely shape the way we process our perceptions, and maybe that process shapes the reality of what we perceive? This goes along with scientific discoveries in the field of quantum physics, which state that the eye of the observer affects the nature of what is observed.

“One of the most bizarre premises of quantum theory, which has long fascinated philosophers and physicists alike, states that by the very act of watching, the observer affects the observed reality”

So if indeed the belief comes first, when we believe, we are ready to see the miracles, to experience them in our own lives. Of course, our beliefs can be of any nature, we can also believe we are doomed, in which case we might be.

When I talk about belief here, it has nothing to do with any specific religious faith but rather our acceptance of what is true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction, about anything and everything.

To me, there is no doubt that our beliefs shape our perceptions, and our perceptions shape our life, if we realize that, we can indeed choose between a grievance and a miracle, every step of the way!

Have a good week!


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Tools for Manifesting

Last week I had a post about The Art of Manifesting, in which I mentioned a few tools that can help us stay focused on our dreams, goals and desires. This week I wanted to delve a little more into the tools, and share some of my personal experience in using them.


I have realized over the years that although all the tools are good, the ones that work best are the ones that work for YOU, so, it doesn’t really matter which tools you use, you can use one or many of them, the important thing is that they work for you. What I mean by working for you is basically finding the tool that will bring the right emotions to your heart, the emotions that can produce the right energy you need in order to manifest the things you want.

Since we are all different individuals, we have different ways of perceiving and processing information, so it is important to be mindful of what works and what doesn’t. I have seen a lot of people get stuck trying to make a certain tool work for them and get frustrated because it doesn’t.

The good news is that there are tools for everyone, so make sure you don’t get stuck in the one tool that does not work for you and give up altogether. Try different tools until you find what works.

In my personal experience, I have explored many tools and it wasn’t until recently that I realized what works best for me. To my surprise, what works best for me is journaling. I am a very visual person and the vision boards, mini movies, collages, etc. did work, but I never felt my emotions rising the way I did with writing.

When I fist came into journaling, I was mainly writing to release negative emotions, so I would write about those things that angered and frustrated me, things that were not working in my life. When I was done writing, I always felt better. This kind of journaling works well and is often used in therapy, so it is certainly a good tool, especially if your negative emotions are too strong and you desperately need to release them before you even think of bringing positive ones in.

It occurred to me that I could also write about the outcomes I was looking for, as if they were already a reality, as if I had already achieved them.
So I started writing about living the life I wanted! While I was writing the scenarios of my fulfilled goals, I was feeling excited and happy, I was feeling accomplished and satisfied. My emotions were clearly positive and were rising as I wrote.

I then decided to create a journal that I called: “Journal into Reality” and I divided it into the areas of my life that I think are most important, that way I could be more specific about every area and bring more detail to each one. It is important to be specific about what we want, and the more detail we bring into the projection, the better we can picture it in our minds, the more real it becomes.

Furthermore, I found that if I was having trouble with a specific area of my life, let’s say I was frustrated and angry at my kids, I would go to my journal and instead of writing about what angered me, I would write about having a wonderful and easy-flowing relationship with them, which immediately would turn my thoughts around, and instead of focusing on the anger and frustration of what I didn’t have, I would focus on the happiness of a relationship that was working well.

I know this may sound like patching up a wound with unreal expectations, but the truth is, believe it or not, when I turn my emotion from negative to positive, not only do I feel better, it also has an impact on my situation. This is true, I have tested it many times and it works: for instance, after a fight with my husband I would go write in my journal and just as I am finishing my writing, he would come to me with a totally positive attitude and willing to make peace, as if he felt my change of energy.

So, I just wanted to say that you can: not only find the one or more tools that work for you, you can also customize them to your liking, so don’t get stuck on the tools, explore different ones.

Have a great week!


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The Art of Manifesting

This week I would like to talk about the Art of Manifesting your desires, goals and dreams. This issue is a little longer than usual because it is hard to cover this subject in just a few paragraphs, also, I have added links to other posts with more information about some tools or concepts mentioned here.

The Law of Attraction states that we attract what we focus on, therefore, it is possible to attract the outcomes we want, if we direct our attention to them, this is the whole idea of “Manifesting.” The concept seems very simple but it can be very easily misleading and misunderstood.


For many people, the idea of Manifesting and the Law of Attraction was first introduced by the widely popular movie and book “The Secret.” However, the Law of Attraction and its many teachers have been around for a very long time.

The excitement for The Secret was short-lived for many, because most people who tried to do the things suggested by the movie/book realized they did not work for them. The truth is, the law absolutely works, whether we are aware of it or not, so in this post I would like to go through 6 of the main ingredients that need to be present in order for the Law to work in our favor.

Note that below I will use the abbreviation: d/g/d for: desires, goals and dreams, basically representing anything we would like to achieve in our lives, no matter how big or small.


There needs to be absolute clarity about your d/g/d, and that isn’t always the case. If you are ambiguous, unsure, or undecided about what you want, things get blurry and the law will reflect on this. I really love an analogy that I heard from Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Finer Minds:

The Universe is like a restaurant Chef and you are the customer. Let’s say you order baked salmon and greens. As soon as your order enters the kitchen, the Chef busily starts rinsing the greens, taking the salmon from the fridge, chopping the vegetables, etc. Then, a few minutes later you call the waiter because you have changed your mind and decided you wanted Ahi Tuna with mashed potatoes instead, so, the Chef has to stop what he was doing and starts over, gets the tuna out of the fridge, peels the potatoes, boils the water, etc. And then… you call the waiter because you’ve changed your mind again and decided you wanted braised chicken with beans, so guess what, the Chef has to stop what he was doing and now has to start all over again. The story goes on and on and on. Do you get the idea?

So don’t be the undecided customer. If you need more clarity, try to look within, try to find deep inside yourself what is it that you really, truly want, find your passion, find what moves you. The only way to find it is to look within yourself and be totally honest, remember that what others want or expect from you is not necessarily what YOU want for yourself, so look inward.


You have to truly believe that your d/g/d can come true, if you don’t, there is no point on even trying. Very often we boycott our dreams, because, although we really want them, deep inside we don’t believe we can achieve them or we believe we are not worthy of them, and that is a major obstacle to the law of attraction. You have to really believe it can happen, and believe it not only with words but with your heart.

In order to do this, you may need to clear some blocking beliefs that may be programmed in your unconscious mind, there are some good techniques to do this, I have detailed them below under the section on Emotions.

3.-Outcome Focus & Detachment

You need to focus almost entirely on the outcome of your d/g/d and not on the “how” they will be fulfilled. The moment you start thinking about how it can happen or how “you” can make it happen, you will start loosing momentum and focus, because more often than not you’ll be buried in doubt, fear, hopelessness, etc.

Remember this: you do not need to have the whole plan laid out, you do not need to be in charge of every single detail of how it will happen, you just need to focus on the fulfillment of the dream and act as if it has already been fulfilled, imagine it, visualize it, feel it!

Also, it is very important not to confuse “means goals” with “end goals”, we should always focus on end goals. What I mean by this is that many people get trapped on the how to get where they want, so they think more about the means to get there than about the outcome they want, this gets so confusing that sometimes the means become the goal, and the true goal becomes somewhat forgotten.

To illustrate this a little more clearly, here is an example: lets say your true goal is to live in China, but you believe that in order to do it, you must save lots of money, so then your goal becomes saving money, and “living in China” takes a backstage, then you have confused the means with the end goal.

If you keep your focus on the main goal, acting as if you have already achieved it (e.g. find out about visas, learn Chinese, do research on the city you would like to move to, etc.), you are more likely to attract the opportunities that will bring you closer to the goal, these can be anything: a key friendship, an unexpected job offer, etc.

As contradictory as this may sound, you also need to detach from the outcome! This means you need to be flexible. You can have a dream, you should focus on it, but you should never attach to the outcome so much that you obsess about it or do not give the Universe a chance to show you what is best. Sometimes, there is a much greater dream awaiting for us, much greater than the one we envisioned, so it is important to always be flexible, yet stay focused. I hope this is not too confusing.

4.-Taking Action

Some people think that they can have happy thoughts, look at their vision boards and that alone, will make their dreams come true, but they forget a very important part of the law of attraction, which is: taking action! The idea is that the law of attraction will attract towards you everything you need to achieve your d/g/d, the people, the means, the jobs, etc. But you do need to take action when the opportunity arises. I love a little story that makes a good analogy for this:

In a terrible flood, one man’s house had been totally covered by the water, he stood at the roof of his house and the water was still raising, desperately he prayed to God and asked for help, then a lifeguard came to help, but he sent him off, because he knew God will help him, then a boat came to pick him up and he let the boat go, because he knew God will save him, then a helicopter came to pick him up, but he let it go, because he knew God will come to help. Finally he drowned, and when he met with God in Heavens, he asked him why he did not save him, to which God replied: I sent you a lifeguard, a boat and a helicopter, but you sent them all off!!

5.-Practice & Consistency

This is another important aspect that gets forgotten. In order for us to manifest our d/g/d we need to stay constantly focused on them. If we think about them once and then forget it, we are not being consistent. We need to remind ourselves of the outcomes we want, all the time, every day! And when “life happens” we need to bring our focus BACK to our d/g/d so as not to loose track of them.

There are many tools that can help us do this, because when life takes over and we get busy, tired, discouraged, etc. we can easily drift away, and it is normal, but we can prevent it with practice and consistency.

The best is to seriously commit to a ritual (taking some time every single day, preferably around the same time), to work on your energy and to re-focus on your d/g/d, because when you let go of that focus, you loose momentum and miss opportunities.


Emotion is a very important ingredient of the law. We need to bring emotion into our projection, if we are not “feeling it”, it will not work as well. If we can feel the excitement and joy that our d/g/d will bring us, we are creating the right energy to attract them.

Negative emotions:

Emotion is in fact a gauge of the energy you are sending out to the world, so if your emotions are negative (fear, anger, sadness, etc.), you can be sure you are sending energy that will align to an outcome that is not what you want, so try to break the cycle of negative emotion as soon as it comes.

I recommend journaling, using EFT, Meditation, listening to uplifting music, going for a brisk walk in the woods, exercise, breathe deeply 5 times in a row, whatever it takes, break the grip of the negative emotion.

Also, remember that thoughts precede emotion, so if you catch your negative thoughts and break their grip, you will prevent the negative emotion from rising all together.

Here are some ideas of practices you can do each day to keep bringing your d/g/d into focus and ideally ignite the positive emotions their fulfillment will bring:

  • Vision Boards, this is a great tool for everyone, especially for visual people, because it shows you images of the things you want.
  • Mini Movies, this is a cool tool that brings boards to the next level: movies, they have the audio element and the motion element added to the images, so it offers a more complete sensorial feel. If you are good with technology you can create a little movie yourself, if not, look for software that can help you do so, like Mind Movies.
  • Writing and Journaling: This is a very powerful way to bring your goals into focus and feel good in the present moment. You can keep Gratitude logs, Wish lists, and a Dream Journal. (I will go more in depth on these next week)
  • Notes from the Universe, this is a very cool tool I just came across, it is a free service where you can sign up and get daily notes “from the Universe.” What this means is that every day, you get a short message in your inbox, that brings you back to your dream focus.

Remember: life does not just happen to us, we are the architects of our own lives!!!

Have a great week!


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Change the Dream

A few days ago I came across a very interesting story that I would like to reflect on today.

The story I read was about the Ashuar, an indigenous group from the rainforest of my home country Ecuador. This group reached out to environmentalist groups and global activists in order to transmit their message to our civilized world (if we can call it that…)

Photo Courtesy of

These people believe that our civilized world has created a reality based on a collective dream, a dream that has become a nightmare and is affecting the entire planet, it may even drive our human race to its collapse. And, according to the Ashuar: “The world is as you dream it.”

In their view, we live in “the dream of more”: more factories, more companies, more houses, more cars, more of everything, and according to them “we can’t really change our everyday actions because at their root, will always be the dream we have of our future and we will always act consistent with that dream. However, the dream itself can be changed in the space of one generation and the time to do it is now” (source: The Soul of Money – Lynne Twist)

The way I interpret the meaning of “dream” in the context of the Ashuar’s message, is the equivalent to our beliefs, the ways we see the world and the assumptions we make as a society. This “dream” is not necessarily true, but it drives our lives and the way we act on others and on our planet. To me the “dream of more” represents materialism, the culture of money and overall the capitalist system that now rules most of the world.

Also, in this message I find an interesting parallel to the law of attraction that states that what you focus on and give your attention to (whether is good or bad for you) will manifest in your life. Aside form our individual focus and attention, we also have a collective focus (or dream), a collective set of beliefs that brings about the world we live in. Our “dream” therefore is our deep seated beliefs about life, that have been around for many generations and have become the norm, most people don’t even question them at all, it is what it is and it rules our lives and our social systems.

But what IF we started to question it? what if we tried to detach ourselves from this collective dream?

Each and every one of us is part of this dream and we have an individual responsibility to change it if we want to survive as a race and live a more fulfilling life. As the Ashuar say, we can’t truly change our actions unless we start by changing the dream and we can, one individual at a time.

Our own journey into the realization of this dream is very important because it will contribute to a greater change, it will bring a positive shift on our societies.

To me this message rings true and it gives me hope, hope that there are enough people in this world that are raising to a higher level of awareness and they can help others move into it, hope that this message will spread so that there will be more and more people questioning the current dream we live in.

If you are interested to read or learn more about this topic, here are a couple good resources:

Awakening the Dreamer Symposium

Dream Change further readings

Have a great week!


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Money vs. Abundance

money-abundanceFollowing up with last week’s article: Money, money, money…. Today I wish to talk about the difference between Money and Abundance.

As I mentioned before, I was never comfortable with the idea of making or having too much money, because of my upbringing and my beliefs around money itself. Luckily, I realized that prosperity does not necessarily mean having a lot of money, but rather having abundance in one’s life, and there lies the true richness.

Abundance is not about money, it is about real prosperity which is visible in your state of health, the state or your relationships, your dreams, etc. Abundance refers to everything that can enrich your life, that allows you to thrive, that makes you happy, such as:

  • Good friends
  • Good Health
  • Fulfilling work
  • A loving family
  • Delicious food
  • Leisure time
  • Etc.

Basically having abundance in your life means having all that is really meaningful. For some of it you may need to use money, but money is a tool and not a commodity or an end goal. We should always work towards gaining abundance (not money), and in so doing we will find the money to accomplish what is needed.

Many people pursue money as if it was an end goal, a commodity, a magic thing that would solve all their problems, but the truth is, money does not solve problems and in many cases it creates more. It is good to remember that money and happiness have nothing to do with each other, you can be poor and happy and you can be rich and miserable.

This is not to say money is bad or we should avoid it! In the contrary, we should always welcome it into our lives because it is a useful tool that can help us navigate this world. And if you have, as I do, a blockage around it, you should work to remove it, because again: it is important to allow money into your life, as it is important to remember that money is not and never will be the answer to your problems.

I love a hindi story that I heard once and made me think about the difference between money and abundance and how we handle both. I do not remember the names in the story but I do remember the lesson in it, it went something like this:

There were two goddess, one of money and fortune and one of happiness and purpose.

The goddess of money was very elusive and fleeting, so those who worshiped her could never reach her and if they did, she would not stay with them long enough.

On the other hand, the goddess of happiness and purpose was stable and strong, so those who worshiped her, not only enjoyed her favors for a lifetime but also had fortune and money, because the goddess of money being so vain, and seeing herself neglected, would pursue them all their lives.

This story goes in line with modern beliefs and the law of attraction, which states that if you are true to yourself,  pursue your dreams with faith and, focus on your existing abundance, money will always manifest in your life when you need it.

But it is not always easy to focus on the good when you feel you are lacking in many areas of your life, it does take profound work and transformation. The key is to take a leap of faith in your actions, and to focus entirely on the present moment. We also need to constantly remember ourselves that we deserve abundance and with the right state of mind we can achieve it. Also, never think that by having more in your life you are taking from others, that is a myth!

There is a great book I recommend on this topic called: The Soul of Money: Reclaiming the Wealth of Our Inner Resources. I wish to quote a paragraph in the back cover of this book, that I think is relevant to what I am saying:

“We live in a world that promotes a mindset of scarcity. That mindset eclipses our experience of our own wholeness and sufficiency and turns our attention to wanting what we don’t have. Consumer culture depends on people living in fear of scarcity, feeling inadequate, empty, and deficient so that we think we need to acquire and accumulate more to be okay. We are swimming in messages that tell us we are not enough, that there isn’t enough and that more of anything and everything is better. We’re told that there is no alternative, and that’s just the way it is. This condition of scarcity is made up of toxic unexamined and unconscious beliefs that have us constantly craving what we don’t have, and keep us frantically chasing after money so that we can acquire and accumulate. This mindset is invalid, destructive and disempowering. It is also untrue.”

If you wish to read and explore more in depth on these topics, here are a few more resources that I recommend:

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