The Truth is Within Us

I have always been deeply interested and curious about the striking similarities we can find in the teachings of great Spiritual Teachers like Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, and others. These great Spiritual Teachers have embodied proof of the undeniable existence of God (the Divine, the Cosmic Universe, Consciousness, the Creator, etc. )


However, the Spiritual Teachers did not personally start any religion, they simply shared their teachings and hoped that they would spread, so in time, their followers gathered in their name and established institutionalized religions based on their Masters’ teachings. Most institutionalized religions are based on ancient scriptures that are believed to represent the original teachings of the great Masters.

The problem that often arises when following scriptures is the conflicting interpretations of words. Although words and languages are one of our most trusted ways to communicate knowledge, words are limited and can be interpreted differently by different people in different stages of human history and evolution.

Therefore, it is hard to own the truth behind the words, especially if the words are being interpreted solely with our intellect, and in most cases people don’t even seek to interpret the words, they just take the interpretations of those who came before them and make them their own; which is what happens in most religions.

The reason why we can’t rely on our intellect or that of our ancestors is because the truth of God can not really be explained or measured, it can only be experienced. Our reasoning can not possibly grasp the immensity of the Divine, so it is literally impossible to convey it with words.

Another problem with religions is that in most cases they worship their Spiritual Leader and by doing so they often forget about the essence of their message. True Spiritual leaders are not seeking to be worshiped, they are trying to convey a message, the message of their experience of God. I once heard a metaphor that said that Spiritual Teachers are like a teapot containing a delicious magical tea, but religions are focused on worshiping the teapot instead of drinking the tea!

The experience of God or rather the experience of Truth (the truth of our existence) is open to every single human being, regardless of their religion or lack of, their level of education, their culture, their color, etc. there are no conditions to the experience of God, it is accessible to every single one of us. This is because the experience is unique to each of us and the truth is within everyone of us.

Although we can certainly use the wise teachings offered by religions, we need to seek the truth inside ourselves, if we don’t do this, the truth will never be revealed to us. The experience of God (or truth), is the inner knowing that lies dormant within every human being. This is something most great Spiritual Leaders have said, in different ways:

Jesus: “The kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)

Prophet Muhammad: “There is no intermediary between God and man. By remembering God, a person establishes direct contact with Him.”

“The secret of Buddhism is to remove all ideas, all concepts, in order for the truth to have a chance to reveal itself.” Thích Nhất Hạnh

The story of Brahma in Hinduism: “Brahma seated himself on the floating Lotus and looked in all directions for any other beings. Not seeing anyone around but feeling a desire for knowledge, he meditated, seeking knowledge within himself. There he found Truth, God himself, in his own heart, and looking around he now saw God everywhere.”

It is by removing the obstacles to our understanding that the truth will reveal itself from within. The problem is that our material existence brings a lot of obstacles to our understanding of the truth. Our judgments and resistance of our surroundings are major obstacles to our connection with our inner wisdom.

It is not easy to let go of these obstacles (distractions) as long as we are in a human body, but if we see our body as the temple that holds our spirit, our soul, our essence and our truth, we can begin to connect with it, even through our body itself. If we let go of our mind reasoning and logic, and our sense-based perceptions and judgments we can begin to connect to our inner knowing, we can allow it to come out, and we can start to feel the truth, to experience it.

The teachings of religions, as much as our everyday life experiences and relationships can be great teachers, because God (Truth) is revealing itself to us everyday and through everything, but it is only until we “take our blinders off” (remove the obstacles) that we can finally see the truth or rather feel it.

I encourage you to find ways in which to quiet your mind and let go of judgments, in order to find that silence within that will help you reveal the inner wisdom that lies beneath you.

Have a good week!

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Moving into the 4th dimension… Is this the evolutionary leap? (Part II)

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So, as promised, here is the second part of my post started last week. Before you read any further, if you did not read last week’s post, I recommend you do it first. Read last week’s post


Ok, so lets move on to the exciting realm of the 4th dimension!

The 4th dimension (in the context of this post, that is) is a stage of higher awareness (or consciousness) that many human beings are already experiencing, to various degrees. Many more are having the opportunity to realize its presence, which is the first step towards experiencing it.

I once heard an interesting phrase: “The human journey is one that will take us from Animal stage to God stage” in other words from unconsciousness to pure consciousness, and it seems like we are getting closer to the latter.

Consciousness can also be called: The Universe, The Source, The Life Force, All that Is, even God. However, the name we give it is not really important, because no word can really describe it, but since we communicate through language, we need to name it somehow.

What I mean by consciousness is basically the experience of our true essence and reality. Note that I use the word experience, as opposed to knowledge, because consciousness is not a concept that could be grasped by our intellect, our thinking mind, or our rationale; it can ONLY be experienced.

Now that we are clear about what I mean by Consciousness, we can say that at a higher dimension of consciousness, we will start to experience certain things, that are qualities of that dimension. This said, everybody is on his/her own journey, so the intensity to which we may experience it is unique to every individual.

At this point in our world, the 3rd and 4th dimensions are overlapping, so we are all at a different point in this transition. However, we are all being influenced by cosmic energies that are speeding up the shift and stimulating our perceptions, so there is now a greater chance to move forward towards the 4th dimension faster, but sadly, not everybody is ready nor willing to do it. So, what are the qualities of the 4th dimension?

Qualities of the 4th Dimension:

  1. Time disappears, there is no more past and future, there is only the NOW
    This means that we let go of the illusion of psychological time and we enter eternity as: the ETERNAL NOW, which is all that really exists. Although we may still use time as a frame of reference for practical purposes, and to navigate our physical existence, we will drop all emotional charges from the past and all fearful projections into the future. Past and future will no longer have any bearing on our decisions and actions, we will therefore be free to act on what is real and true.If you would like to read more about this concept, I highly recommend Eckart Tolle’s book: The Power of Now, which explains this in great detail.
  2. We move into Introspection
    People are forced to look inside themselves to find the causes or their suffering, they will realize that the answers can only come from the inside and not the outside. This is a journey into our inner beings, our souls, our deepest essence and it will allow us to see what we are really made of. At the same time, it will highly decrease negative feelings/emotions toward the outside world, such as blame, anger, fear, guilt, etc.
  3. We move towards Oneness and Co-creation
    We feel true Oneness with all that exists, our sense of duality fades and that gives us enormous power to co-create. We are more able to feel compassion and to always work in cooperation with others, as opposed to in competition. We have the true realization that everybody is connected as one, so we act on what is best for all.
  4. We have Choice, we are Free!
    We realize that we have control over our thoughts, our emotions and our fears, so we are not slaves to them anymore. We move from reaction to response, which gives us great peace and freedom. We start living by design and not by default.
  5. We attune more to the Light and less to the Darkness
    We will become more sensitive to negative energies, and we will avoid them instinctively, for instance, we will have less tolerance for violent movies or images, we will be less willing to engage in negative conversations, etc. we will gear more towards clean and positive energies and people.

So as you can see, all the qualities of the 4th dimension are rather positive, there is nothing to be afraid of, on the counter, there is so much to look forward to! However, this is only if we are able to LET GO of negative patterns that are keeping us bound to the 3rd dimension, and sometimes letting go can be scary. So, this ends my post on the 4th Dimension and the Evolutionary Leap.

Have a great week!

The Art of Manifesting

This week I would like to talk about the Art of Manifesting your desires, goals and dreams. This issue is a little longer than usual because it is hard to cover this subject in just a few paragraphs, also, I have added links to other posts with more information about some tools or concepts mentioned here.

The Law of Attraction states that we attract what we focus on, therefore, it is possible to attract the outcomes we want, if we direct our attention to them, this is the whole idea of “Manifesting.” The concept seems very simple but it can be very easily misleading and misunderstood.


For many people, the idea of Manifesting and the Law of Attraction was first introduced by the widely popular movie and book “The Secret.” However, the Law of Attraction and its many teachers have been around for a very long time.

The excitement for The Secret was short-lived for many, because most people who tried to do the things suggested by the movie/book realized they did not work for them. The truth is, the law absolutely works, whether we are aware of it or not, so in this post I would like to go through 6 of the main ingredients that need to be present in order for the Law to work in our favor.

Note that below I will use the abbreviation: d/g/d for: desires, goals and dreams, basically representing anything we would like to achieve in our lives, no matter how big or small.


There needs to be absolute clarity about your d/g/d, and that isn’t always the case. If you are ambiguous, unsure, or undecided about what you want, things get blurry and the law will reflect on this. I really love an analogy that I heard from Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Finer Minds:

The Universe is like a restaurant Chef and you are the customer. Let’s say you order baked salmon and greens. As soon as your order enters the kitchen, the Chef busily starts rinsing the greens, taking the salmon from the fridge, chopping the vegetables, etc. Then, a few minutes later you call the waiter because you have changed your mind and decided you wanted Ahi Tuna with mashed potatoes instead, so, the Chef has to stop what he was doing and starts over, gets the tuna out of the fridge, peels the potatoes, boils the water, etc. And then… you call the waiter because you’ve changed your mind again and decided you wanted braised chicken with beans, so guess what, the Chef has to stop what he was doing and now has to start all over again. The story goes on and on and on. Do you get the idea?

So don’t be the undecided customer. If you need more clarity, try to look within, try to find deep inside yourself what is it that you really, truly want, find your passion, find what moves you. The only way to find it is to look within yourself and be totally honest, remember that what others want or expect from you is not necessarily what YOU want for yourself, so look inward.


You have to truly believe that your d/g/d can come true, if you don’t, there is no point on even trying. Very often we boycott our dreams, because, although we really want them, deep inside we don’t believe we can achieve them or we believe we are not worthy of them, and that is a major obstacle to the law of attraction. You have to really believe it can happen, and believe it not only with words but with your heart.

In order to do this, you may need to clear some blocking beliefs that may be programmed in your unconscious mind, there are some good techniques to do this, I have detailed them below under the section on Emotions.

3.-Outcome Focus & Detachment

You need to focus almost entirely on the outcome of your d/g/d and not on the “how” they will be fulfilled. The moment you start thinking about how it can happen or how “you” can make it happen, you will start loosing momentum and focus, because more often than not you’ll be buried in doubt, fear, hopelessness, etc.

Remember this: you do not need to have the whole plan laid out, you do not need to be in charge of every single detail of how it will happen, you just need to focus on the fulfillment of the dream and act as if it has already been fulfilled, imagine it, visualize it, feel it!

Also, it is very important not to confuse “means goals” with “end goals”, we should always focus on end goals. What I mean by this is that many people get trapped on the how to get where they want, so they think more about the means to get there than about the outcome they want, this gets so confusing that sometimes the means become the goal, and the true goal becomes somewhat forgotten.

To illustrate this a little more clearly, here is an example: lets say your true goal is to live in China, but you believe that in order to do it, you must save lots of money, so then your goal becomes saving money, and “living in China” takes a backstage, then you have confused the means with the end goal.

If you keep your focus on the main goal, acting as if you have already achieved it (e.g. find out about visas, learn Chinese, do research on the city you would like to move to, etc.), you are more likely to attract the opportunities that will bring you closer to the goal, these can be anything: a key friendship, an unexpected job offer, etc.

As contradictory as this may sound, you also need to detach from the outcome! This means you need to be flexible. You can have a dream, you should focus on it, but you should never attach to the outcome so much that you obsess about it or do not give the Universe a chance to show you what is best. Sometimes, there is a much greater dream awaiting for us, much greater than the one we envisioned, so it is important to always be flexible, yet stay focused. I hope this is not too confusing.

4.-Taking Action

Some people think that they can have happy thoughts, look at their vision boards and that alone, will make their dreams come true, but they forget a very important part of the law of attraction, which is: taking action! The idea is that the law of attraction will attract towards you everything you need to achieve your d/g/d, the people, the means, the jobs, etc. But you do need to take action when the opportunity arises. I love a little story that makes a good analogy for this:

In a terrible flood, one man’s house had been totally covered by the water, he stood at the roof of his house and the water was still raising, desperately he prayed to God and asked for help, then a lifeguard came to help, but he sent him off, because he knew God will help him, then a boat came to pick him up and he let the boat go, because he knew God will save him, then a helicopter came to pick him up, but he let it go, because he knew God will come to help. Finally he drowned, and when he met with God in Heavens, he asked him why he did not save him, to which God replied: I sent you a lifeguard, a boat and a helicopter, but you sent them all off!!

5.-Practice & Consistency

This is another important aspect that gets forgotten. In order for us to manifest our d/g/d we need to stay constantly focused on them. If we think about them once and then forget it, we are not being consistent. We need to remind ourselves of the outcomes we want, all the time, every day! And when “life happens” we need to bring our focus BACK to our d/g/d so as not to loose track of them.

There are many tools that can help us do this, because when life takes over and we get busy, tired, discouraged, etc. we can easily drift away, and it is normal, but we can prevent it with practice and consistency.

The best is to seriously commit to a ritual (taking some time every single day, preferably around the same time), to work on your energy and to re-focus on your d/g/d, because when you let go of that focus, you loose momentum and miss opportunities.


Emotion is a very important ingredient of the law. We need to bring emotion into our projection, if we are not “feeling it”, it will not work as well. If we can feel the excitement and joy that our d/g/d will bring us, we are creating the right energy to attract them.

Negative emotions:

Emotion is in fact a gauge of the energy you are sending out to the world, so if your emotions are negative (fear, anger, sadness, etc.), you can be sure you are sending energy that will align to an outcome that is not what you want, so try to break the cycle of negative emotion as soon as it comes.

I recommend journaling, using EFT, Meditation, listening to uplifting music, going for a brisk walk in the woods, exercise, breathe deeply 5 times in a row, whatever it takes, break the grip of the negative emotion.

Also, remember that thoughts precede emotion, so if you catch your negative thoughts and break their grip, you will prevent the negative emotion from rising all together.

Here are some ideas of practices you can do each day to keep bringing your d/g/d into focus and ideally ignite the positive emotions their fulfillment will bring:

  • Vision Boards, this is a great tool for everyone, especially for visual people, because it shows you images of the things you want.
  • Mini Movies, this is a cool tool that brings boards to the next level: movies, they have the audio element and the motion element added to the images, so it offers a more complete sensorial feel. If you are good with technology you can create a little movie yourself, if not, look for software that can help you do so, like Mind Movies.
  • Writing and Journaling: This is a very powerful way to bring your goals into focus and feel good in the present moment. You can keep Gratitude logs, Wish lists, and a Dream Journal. (I will go more in depth on these next week)
  • Notes from the Universe, this is a very cool tool I just came across, it is a free service where you can sign up and get daily notes “from the Universe.” What this means is that every day, you get a short message in your inbox, that brings you back to your dream focus.

Remember: life does not just happen to us, we are the architects of our own lives!!!

Have a great week!


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The opportunity is here!

This week I would like to reflect on a phrase from the Dalai Lama that really resonates with what I believe in, here it is:

All the world’s major religions, with their emphasis on love, compassion, patience, tolerance, and forgiveness can and do promote inner values. But the reality of the world today is that grounding ethics in religion is no longer adequate.
This is why I am increasingly convinced that the time has come to find a way of thinking about spirituality and ethics beyond religion altogether.


Many currents of thought say that the world is evolving towards a higher plane of consciousness and this shift gives us a great opportunity to find spirituality beyond religion.

Although all religions deserve respect, not a single one of them can pretend to own the whole truth of our existence.

Brought up as a Catholic, I recognize many great teachings of my religion and really value it because it has helped shape who I am, however, as I wrote in a previous post: Faith, Religion and Spirituality, our experience of God is very personal and can’t be fully dictated by a single religion.

Religion can help us enter the realm of spirituality, but in many cases it can also hinder our chances to find God, for we can become stuck with the little stuff, the things that are not important and that distract us from the essence, the truth. We should not forget that religions are human entities and therefore flawed, as history can attest to.

Plus, if we take all the major religions in the world, we can find a lot of similarities in their teachings and those similarities are usually what is really important, because that is what “unites” us all as a human family. As the Dalai Lama says: love, compassion, patience, tolerance, and forgiveness are values that we should retain. But all the other things that seem to define specific religions and distinguish them from one another are the things that give us a sense of separation and antagonism, which goes against our true essence.

In this new current of belief, for instance, spirituality and science can go hand by hand, paving the road for a new faith, also, the concept of oneness emphasizes the idea of unity, respect, love, cooperation, etc.

The world is changing at a really fast speed, and we can’t remain “stuck” we need to grow and realize that there is an incredible momentum towards a higher level of awareness, which does not dismiss all the values of our church or religion but it gives us permission to look beyond it to find an even greater connection to God.

The light that shines in everyone of us is the same and only, and if we can connect to that light we will see the entire world differently because we will realize that we are all deeply connected indeed. But in order to see this light, we need first to turn off the distractions: all the material noise of our day to day crazy race.

I find all this very exciting because it is my passion to follow this topics, of course, however, I believe that anyone, no matter what their interests are and no matter where they are spiritually speaking, can be open to this incredible opportunity to grow beyond our material existence and into a much deeper level of self.

Have a great week!


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