A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

I believe in the amazing power of books. There are books that can transport you to magical places and reawaken your imagination, there are books that can give you comfort and peace when you most need it, and then, there are books that can totally shake your world and open up a whole new spectrum into your life; it is one of the latter kind that I want to share with you today.

A New Earth

I have just finished reading A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle. The author of The Power of Now has done it again… totally opened up my mind to a new dimension, and I am so thankful for it.

This book is not for everyone, you have to be in a specific place in your life and in your spiritual journey in order to make sense of this book, but it is definitely worth a try, if anything, just to see where you are in this journey!

The premise of this book is that we all have one single inner purpose in our lifetime, and that is: Awakening to our true nature. Once that inner purpose is realized, then we can have many successful outer purposes (what we do and what we achieve during our human life), but none of these outer purposes will be really meaningful nor fulfilling unless we first realize our inner purpose.

I have copied an excerpt below that I feel gives a good idea of what this book is about:

“As soon as you rise above mere survival, the question of meaning and purpose becomes of paramount importance in your life. Many people feel caught up in the routines of daily living that seem to deprive their life of significance. Some believe life is passing them by or has passed them by already. Others feel severely restricted by the demands of their job and supporting a family or by their financial or living situation. Some are consumed by acute stress, others by acute boredom. Some are lost in frantic doing; others are lost in stagnation. Many people long for the freedom and expansion that prosperity promises. Others already enjoy the relative freedom that comes with prosperity and discover that even that is not enough to endow their lives with meaning. There is no substitute for finding true purpose. But the true or primary purpose of your life cannot be found on the outer level. It does not concern what you do but what you are – that is to say, your state of consciousness.”

Nothing we do, whether it is working, parenting, socializing, making love, etc. has true and real meaning unless we have awaken to our inner purpose, only then, every moment of our human lives will be meaningful and fulfilling, regardless of what it is.

I hope I have triggered your curiosity and you decide to look at this book because it is a real Gem!

Have a Great Week!


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A New Human Model

This week, I would like to present  my readers with a new concept of our whole human experience, or should I say a more “holistic” way of being and living.

I am reading a fascinating book: The Heart Revolution – Breakthrough for a New World by Annie Marquier, in which she offers a metaphor to help us better understand the interior dynamic of our humanity, she compares the human being with an ensemble made of a chariot, a horse, a driver (that leads the horse), and a master that sits inside the chariot. Symbolically, the chariot represents our physical body, the horse represents our emotions, the driver represents our mind and the master represents our true essence.


The physical, mental and emotional elements form what we often call our personality or our “ego.” And the Master represents our true and transcendental essence. So lets look at each of these elements in more detail:

The Physical Body – The Chariot

Following this comparison, the state of our physical body: the chariot, depends on the maintenance given by an intelligent driver, but also depends on the way it is led by the horse. Since the state of our physical body is easily seen and measured, it can give us a clear indication of the degree of command the driver has over the entire vehicle.

The Emotions – The Horse

Interestingly enough, in the term emotion, we have the word “motion”. Our emotions determine our driving power, our strength, our capacity to act. Therefore, our emotions are a large reservoir of energy. It is the horse that has the energy to pull the entire vehicle, it is an essential element for the journey. The question is: how is this energy reservoir being used?

The Mind – The Driver

The driver: the mind, is the one that holds the thinking process and his functions are extremely important as he commands the whole vehicle. For instance, the horse responds to the thinking process of the driver and not to external circumstances, as we had originally believed. Also, the driver is the connection between the master and the ego. Ideally, the functions of the driver should be:

  1. Delivering the external information to the Master
  2. Listening to the instructions of the Master
  3. Successfully leading the horse in the right direction, according to the master’s instructions
  4. Taking intelligent care of the chariot

The Essence – The Master

The names given to this essence are as diverse as the different cultures and languages that exist, it can be called: soul, spirit, higher self, etc. Even thought the materialistic philosophy still, to this day, denies the existence of this essence, long standing traditions, the direct experience of more and more people, as well as recent scientific discoveries, are revealing its undeniable presence. The Master is the undeniable guide and the wisdom of the whole ensemble.

What is the current functioning?

The current functioning of our experience, has often denied or neglected the existence of the master and therefore has unknowingly missed its guidance, in other words: the driver has had to lead the chariot by himself, he has failed to listen to the subtle but vital instructions of the master. Up to recently, the driver had not developed a relationship with the master, in many cases he was not even aware the master was there. So the functioning of the vehicle has been very limited.

The driver does not have and will never have all the knowledge to lead the horse and the chariot in the best possible way, he needs the Master’s wisdom to do a good job. All the challenges, problems and difficulties that surround us at a personal and planetary level come directly from this lack of communication and our limited functioning as a result.

However, for the first time in our history, at least the history we can trace back to, we are closer to attaining the ideal human model, where The Master can recover its influence and authority. If we are able to truly integrate the master into our daily life, we will be approaching a great revolution of the human consciousness which in turn will allow us to create a new world for each one of us and for the humanity as a whole.

If you want to read more and discover how this fascinating human model can work for you, I encourage you to read the book, it is a revelation. But for now, I give you this article as food for thought!

Have a good week!


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Ego vs. Self

This week I would like to talk about the distinction between the ego and the self.

For a long time I had been confused about the distinction between the two, and it wasn’t until a few years back that I started to grasp the difference and understood the importance of being aware of it.


I personally associated the word “ego” with a sense of pride, which to me had a negative connotation. However, I later discovered that our ego simply means our sense of self-esteem or self-importance and our notion of personal identity. So, there is nothing wrong with our ego, it is normal and natural to have it.

However, it is truly important to realize where our ego comes from, that is, where our sense of worth and identity comes from, because more often than not, it comes from the wrong places, wrong concepts and, wrong beliefs.

As I delved more and more into spiritual, self growth and well being texts, I started to comprehend why there was a clear distinction made between the ego and the self and how important it was to understand it fully.

Most of us associate our personal identity and sense of worth to things such as:

  • Our bodies, our looks
  • Our culture, nationality, race, religion or even political views
  • Our profession, our career, our success or failure
  • Our thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • Our role in the community, etc

For instance, if we believe we ARE our body and looks (depending on our beliefs about them) we can identify with being beautiful, ugly, overweight, skinny, etc. and that can be the one aspect that rules most of our self worth.

Regardless of whether we are happy or unhappy with the particular body we have, we can not and should not derive our sense of worth from it, because we are NOT our bodies and looks.

We can also derive our sense of identity from our culture(s), our our nationality or even our race. We can also identify so deeply with a religion or political view that we come to believe we ARE them, but although we can participate or be a member of a religion or party, our identity is not derived from their doctrine.

If we believe we ARE our profession, career, success, failure, etc. It means we see ourselves as being a “lawyer” or a “Doctor” or a “Secretary” and we let that define us. Or, in terms of success and failure, we can see ourselves as being rich or poor, successful or unsuccessful, etc. Either way, none of these things really define who we are.

As for our thoughts, feelings and emotions, if we believe we ARE what we think or feel; it means we judge ourselves by the way we see the world, we can be anything: arrogant, weak, intelligent, sad, etc. But again, we are NOT our thoughts, nor our emotions and feelings.

We can also be defined as the role we have in the community, for instance, we can be the daughter or son of such and such, or the wife of so and so, or the mother of so and so, etc. Again, our particular role in a community is not who we are.

So, who are we? you may ask, and it is a good question. I have asked myself this question many times.
Well, that is when the distinction between ego and self comes in handy, to explain this conundrum.

The ego is our sense of identity through the things mentioned above, but deep inside us there is a real, true and unchanging identity that is our essence, our core and our only identity, and that is the “self.” the self is basically us but after we peel off all the layers of the ego, once none of the ego-defining aspects are there, or we go beyond them to find our true nature. The self is simply the presence inside each and every one of us.

To explain this a little better, have you ever had the experience that you are just witnessing your thoughts? That there is one that thinks and deep inside one that just observes without judgment?

This is a truly life-changing experience, at least it was for me, because I realized then that the “observer” was my true self, buried deep beneath all the other layers, which is why it took me so long to find it.

There are very nice analogies that are often used to explain this, my favorite is that of a wheel, in which the outer edges are the ego-defining aspects of ourselves, always changing and moving, while the axle in the center is our true self: stable, strong, grounded, unchangeable, etc.

The problem is, our sense of identity gravitates often on the edges of the wheel, so we are constantly being thrown out of balance and have a sense of instability, uncertainty, unsettlement and confusion. If we are able to find out center, however, we also find our balance, our inner peace, in other words our true self and we can live life from a much more real and satisfying place, while still filling the roles we need to fill during our lifetime.

There are many ways of finding our true self, but perhaps the most important is by quieting the “noise” of the outer world and the “chatter” of our thoughts. Only then we can stop and wait for our self to emerge, and I promise, it will!!

If you want to read more about this, I highly recommend the work of Eckart Tolle, I find his way of explaining these complicated concepts to be incredibly compelling. You can start with The Power of Now, it is a clear and concise book that will change the way you see life.
By the way, he will be in DC this week, so if you are interested in seeing him live, check the announcement below!

All your current notions of self worth, whether they are working or not for you, they are not real, in reality you are much greater, much stronger, much wiser that you can possible imagine!

Have a great week!


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